Frushka Gora

Short-term EVS for National park Frushka gora and the SUSLIC

The first two weeks of July the only mountain in Vojvodina and the first National Park in Serbia will welcome a group of 12 volunteers through the Erasmus+ supported Mountain spirit project. The hosts are Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia who have been working for protection of this valuable piece of land and its inhaitants (plants, animals and people) for some years.

Frushka gora is one of the last remaining natural steppes habitats for the suslik, the main prey of the Eastern Imperial Eagle, an endangered raptor that has only a single remaining breeding pair in Serbia!


The volunteers (18 – 30 years) will be helping with the manual removing of shrubs, thus helping pastures to survive, since traditional domestic animals grazing has declined. Detailed information about the volunteering opportunity “Sustainabile Living Culture SUSLIC”, about the conditions and requirements can be found here.

More about Frushka gora and the work of BPSSS you can read here.

If you can see yourself hard-working in the beautiful Vojvodina region in Serbia from 1 to 15th July, apply by filling in the online google form (below), sending CV and specific for this project motivation letter to, ideally before April 13th. 


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