Herbal activity with EVS volunteers

Hello dear reader !

One week ago, GAIA team moved to the ski resort of Brezovica in order to organize the second edition of BREfest ! We are 10 people working daily to organize activities & to welcome different groups of volunteers.

Five days ago, 11 EVS volunteers have landed in that foggy atmosphere : I have to precise that the weather is horrible, & when the meteo predicts “a cloudy day” down in Strpce, it means that up in the mountain, we litterally have the head in the clouds.

Cesare, also bored by that misty(c) weather

On Monday 23rd, the weather became milder, so we jumped at the chance to organize an activity with the EVS volunteers in Durlov Potok : divided in 4 groups, they had half an hour to collect 10 different plants : flowers, needles, aromatic plants ; the most interesting one, the one they were curious about, also the one they already recognized. Durlov Potok is rich in different habitats : the stream to the left, the stones on the path, the forest to the right & the big meadow at the end of the walk. The volunteers had a very wide choice.

Ljubov & Stefan exploring the forest

At the end of the day and the next morning, they made some researches to identify the collected plants, & I explained to them how to make an herbarium.

Milica & I, on a very agressive picture, preparing the herbarium

To finish, you can find here a glossary of the plants, divided in four categories : properties, specificities of some plants, symptoms & uses. Based on my own researches, the list is far away from being exhaustive. I will complete it according to my investigations, but you are also more than welcome to make proposals.

See you !





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