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Lexical of the plants


Anti-carcinogenic à Carcinogenic = Cancer-causing

Anti-haemorrhagic = Stops or reduces the bleeding

Anti-hepatotoxic à “Hepatotoxic” = A substance which causes damage to the liver, usually by taking some medicine

Analgesic = Relieves & reduces pain          SYN: Antalgic

Antalgic = Relieves & reduces pain          SYN: Analgesic

Antifungal = Prevents & treats any kind of mycosis

Antioxidant à “Oxidative stress” = Aggression of the cellules, which leads to cancers & cardiovascular diseases è Physical stress ≠ Psychological stress

Antipyretic = Prevents or alleviates fever          SYN: Febrifuge

Astringent= Tighten the skin tissues          ANT: Emollient

Balsamic = 1. Medicine that acts as a balm or that is a balm

2. Calms the inflamed mucosa, especially the mucous membranes of the airways

Carminative = Helps the expulsion of intestinal gases & in the same time reduces them

Choleretic = Stimulates the bile

Depurative = Cleans the organism          SYN: Purifying, purgative

Diaphoretic = Makes you sweat a lot

Diuretic = Helps to urinate by stimulating the bladder à Good for kidney & urinary problems (ex: cystitis)

Emollient = 1. relaxes the skin tissues ; 2. softens the skin          ANT: Astringent

Eupeptic = Promote digestion          SYN: Digestive

Febrifuge = Lows the fever          SYN: Antipyretic

Healing = Cures the wounds          SYN: Vulnerary

Purgative = Cleans the body of dirt, impurities, usually by taking an oral medicine          SYN: Depurative, purifying



Alopecia = Hair loss

Anaemia = Deficiency of red blood cells in the body causing pallor & an important weakness, tiredness

Dysentery = Infectious disease causing severe diarrhoea


  • USES :

Cataplasm = Herbal pasty preparation applied to the skin in a therapeutic goal

Decoction = Boiling a plant in water to keep the active substance of it                          SYN: Infusion

Gargle = Rinsing the throat with a liquid & spit it out after instead of swallowing it

Tincture = First, maceration of the plant during some weeks, then filtration of the result à only the active substances of the plant will stay



Evergreen tree: Tree whose leaves never fall, even in winter.

Melliferous plant: Rich in very good pollen & nectar, which will be gathered by the bees for making honey.

Ex : Salix alba – White willow

Rot-proof wood: A wood which cannot break down, almost insensitive to water & time. ≈ Indestructible

Ex : * Juniperus oxycedrus – Cade

* Robinia pseudoacacia – Black locust

Rustic plant: Plant which doesn’t fear the freeze.

Ex : Geranium macrorrhizum – Bigroot geranium / Bulgarian geranium


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