Kuterevo, Nature conservation, Vlahi

Mountain spirit volunteers recommend

The time came to present you with the collection of recommendations on how to organize better volunteer projects for nature conservation. The publication is a result of the Mountain spirit seminar that took place in Vlahi Nature School in May 2019.

The recommendations aim to summarize experience of diverse stakeholders in the volunteer process and to put it in the perspective of the nature conservation work. We don’t claim that the material covers all topics and that is applicable to any situation. However, it could be an useful tool for an organization to plan the involvement of volunteers in their work. If you want to volunteer abroad for a nature conservation project, you can also have a look on the publication and use it to reflect on your aims, expectations and role in the volunteer process.

The participants in the seminar were current or previous volunteers within Mountain spirit activities (i.e. in Frushka gora, in Kuterevo, in Bear Sanctuary Prishtina), volunteers that took part in other nature conservation projects, as well as organization representatives. They worked individually, in small groups and disucssed in the plenary how to improve the 3R process of recruitment, retaining and recognition of volunteers. Moreover, they created “the ideal profile of a nature conservation volunteer”. The facilitators summarized their input and put it forward for final online discussion after the seminar. The process was open not only for the participants in the international meeting but also for the partners and other volunteers that took part in Mountain spirit activities.

The publication contains information about the Mountain spirit project, about the partners, the seminar, the program and how to use the recommendations. On the final pages you can find further useful resources.

Enjoy reading! Use the tool and please share in your network!

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