About the activities

Mountain spirit foresees combination of EVS volunteer short and long-term exchanges in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria and several working meetings and seminars, which aim at harmonizing and improving the working methods, exchange of good practices and ideas.

Volunteers in Sharr mountain, Kosovo

Volunteer exchanges

Short-term group EVS:

  • Kuterevo –  Bear Refuge (12 volunteers for 59 days)
  • Kosovo – NP Sharr Mountain (12 volunteers for 30 days)
  • Kosovo – Prishtina Bear Sanctuary (14 volunteers for 15 days)
  • Serbia –  NP Frushka Gora (12 volunteers for 15 days)
  • Bulgaria – Vlahi Nature School (10 volunteers for 20 days)

Long-term EVS exchanges:

  • Kuterevo in 2018 and 2019 – Bear Refuge (3 volunteers for 8 months) (German speaking volunteers preferred)
  • Kosovo in 2018 and 2019 – NP Sharr Mountain (2 volunteers for 6 months)
  • Bulgaria in 2019 – Vlahi Nature School (2 volunteers for 8 months)

To get to know more about the services and to see which of the volunteer positions are open for applying, check out the open calls section.

Kuterevo, Croatia

International meetings

The international meetings aim at providing space for the partner organizations (and volunteers) to analyze and evaluate previous activities and current trends in volunteering for nature conservation, to agree on common approaches, to evaluate the project activities and to adapt future activities. The meetings are also the place for exchanging good practices, working methods and planning common projects.

The meetings include:

  • Kick-off meeting in Croatia, in March/April 2018 with representatives of hosting and sending organizations and experts.
  • Partnership Building Activity in Kosovo, in November 2018 with representatives from organizations which are taking part in this project, other projects involving volunteering for nature conservation and are interested to exchange knowledge, share experiences, create new partnerships and develop new projects within Erasmus+.
  • Seminar meeting in Bulgaria, in March 2019 with representatives of the organizations and volunteers (previous and current) participating in the project. The main goal of this meeting will be to share experience, evaluate first year, discuss possible improvements and listen to recommendations from volunteers. One of the aims of the seminar will be to present the volunteers with possibilities for further development in the nature conservation activities through the possibilities Erasmus+ and other European programs present. The participants will collect recommendations for better and high qualitative volunteering for nature conservation in the Balkans.
  • Evaluation & follow-up meeting in Croatia, in March 2020 with representatives from partner organizations who hosted volunteers, sent volunteers and got actively involved in youth volunteering for nature conservation during the implementation of the project. Besides evaluating the project, the participants will plan follow-up events on local level and how to continue working on the topic.
Volunteers in Vlahi Nature School, Bulgaria