Open calls for volunteers

In summer 2018 through the Mountain spirit – Strategic EVS in Nature Conservation project 5 short-term group volunteer projects will be organized. From 2 weeks to 2 months you can choose your volunteering call for the mountains in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria and for endagered species.

Below you can find the short-term project ordered by starting dates:


To apply for any of the short-term volunteering opportunities (EVS) in summer 2018, please fill in the online form (below) and send CV and specific for the chosen volunteering project motivation letter to the email shown in the form. Deadline is April 13th.

If you want you can apply for more than one of the group volunteering but you have to follow the instructions above for each one.

Calls to be open in 2019:

  • Bulgaria – Vlahi Nature School (2 volunteers for 8 months)
  • Croatia – Kuterevo Bear Refugee (3 volunteers for 8 months)
  • Kosovo – Sharr mountain (2 volunteers for 6 months)