Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

To rescue brown bears which were kept in small cages outside of restaurants in Kosovo, FOUR PAWS International (website) has established BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina (facebook) which includes an area of 10 ha with all the facilities needed for bears to rediscover their natural instincts and live according to their characteristic behaviors.


Currently, there are 19 brown bears at the sanctuary where they are provided with a big, spacious area where they can roam, swim, dig, look for food and pursue their natural instincts. The rescued bears are also provided with a proper care which consists of an adequate diet, veterinary treatment and an enrichment program.


BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is situated in a green valley at the Badovc lake, around 20 km far from Prishtina. The lake is an artificial reservoir, two kilometres above Gracanica, built in order to supply city of Prishtina with water. The Sanctuary is surrounded by the forest and meadows, where locals raise their cattle (cows, sheep, goats) and is far enough from traffic and other noises, thus represents a peaceful environment for residences of the Sanctuary.