Pirin and Vlahi

Vlahi Nature School Philosophy – The nature is our teacher, friend and home! This being Vlahi Nature school moto and philosophy, our mission is to create and provide suitable place and atmosphere for people who want to live more environmentally friendly or and just want learn, grow or experience life following the rhythm of nature.  In doing so we are aiming to educate children, school students and adults how to live close to nature, to use its resources sustainably and to preserve it for the next generations. We are also trying to revitalize the local community by bringing back life in the village. Keeping and remembering the local traditions, history and culture for the generation to follow is another mission of ours.

Снимка на Vlahi Nature School.

Building a community – The construction of the actual building of Vlahi Nature School was the building block of an environmental community. Once abandoned and in a state of neglect, the building was brought back to life by helpful volunteer hands and now is the heart and the home of the Vlahi community and volunteers. Traditional methods and materials were used for the reconstruction of the school and now the place is a show case of traditional and nature friendly building and construction. Vlahi, the place and the community now serves as an example of nature-based living that we hope can inspire others and be replicated elsewhere.

Vlahi village Located 9 km away from Kresna and about 160 km – from Sofia. It’s is small and abandoned village with only 7 permanent inhabitants, but with local people taking care of their gardens and coming to spend a weekend in the nature. Vlahi is situated at the gateway to Pirin Mountains and boast a stunning view of one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas and peaks –Sinanitsa.

Pirin Mountain Pirin is UNESCO Heritage site, one of Europe’s biodiversity treasure chests and home many rare and endangered Balkan species such brown bear, chamois, golden eagle. Pirin is favourite place for nature lovers, explorers and hikers – from leisure walkers to experiences mountaineers and bikers.

The other wild inhabitants – Besides Vlahi Nature school, there are other places worth visiting within few minutes walk. In The Large carnivore center where you can learn everything about those secretive animals. Not only that but one has a chance to see some unlikely residents of the village – wolves and bears. Coming from zoos and other not well suited for them place, now the animals live in enclosures but prove to be real ambassadors of the wildlife.